Pokesdown Past -1750-1900

J. A. Young

Reproduced with permisson of the Author.


This book is a revised and enlarged edition of the publication "A History of Pokesdown - The Village". It contains a considerable amount of additional information about the development of the interesting village of Pokesdown.

The writer is greatly indebted to Mr. Michael Stead, who made available his own extensive notes on Pokesdown which were of especial value in regard to Chapters three, four and eight. Thanks are also given to Mr. Michael Edgington, formerly the Librarian of Bournemouth Reference Library; to the Librarian of Trinity College, Cambridge; to the County Archivists of Norfolk and Wiltshire; to the Librarians of the Society of Antiquarians of London and of the Inner Temple in London; and to the Secretary of the Royal British Legion for help so willingly given.

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